About AmeriRent

Rent a Car in the Dominican Republic

AmeriRent is an independent operator of car rentals represented by Rome, SRL , a company with over 29 years of experience in the rent car market in the Dominican Republic, operating previously under the name American International Rent a Car , a brand newly refurbished and updated to the new image AmeriRent .

AmeriRent has extensive experience in the vehicle leasing and locations strategically located at major airports and cities in the Dominican Republic.

Our high standard of quality and service exceeds all expectations of our customers and make the experience of renting a car in a clear , pleasant and stress free simple process .

In Dominican Republic our company is a living example that the vehicle rental market allows and requires independent operating companies provide competitive offers as an alternative to offering traditional multinational brands such option . Our company has all permits and licenses required by the Dominican authorities to operate as Rent a Car and is recognized as such. In addition, our company is a member of the National Association of Rent a Car ( ANDRI ) , which is the only association of car rental companies in Dominican Republic and ensures that its members comply with all quality standards service and competitiveness required by the world market for rental vehicles.

We are also known for our continuous efforts in providing corporate services to leading companies in the Dominican market , who choose us for our continuous attention to your vehicle rental needs and for our trip.

Our customers prefer us for many reasons, but safety , customer service and competitiveness are the values ​​that best characterize us .

Read it for yourself what our customers say about us , visit us on our social networking sites and confirm that  IT'S EASIER WITH US !

Welcome to what will be his new style of renting vehicles.