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What payment options does AmeriRent accept?

A valid credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express) is required to rent the vehicle. We accept debit card and cash only for final payments at the end of the rental.

Do you accept credit cards that are linked to debit accounts (ex: visa debit)?

Yes, but only if the card was issued outside of Dominican Republic. Restrictions may apply.

What will I need to pick up the vehicle?

Your credit card + a valid driver’s license

We will take a pre-authorization to your credit card depending on your estimated total and the type of coverage you select. See our coverage options here.

What is a pre-authorization?

A pre-authorization is a temporary hold and doesn't appear on your credit card statement unless used. It may be used to pay any tickets, extra kilometers or missing gas, etc. A pre-authorization expires after 3-7 days automatically after the car is returned.

How much will my pre-authorization be?

The amount of the pre-authorization will be determined by your estimated total and the coverage you select.

  • If you select a 0.00 deductible coverage the pre-authorization will be US$300.00 + the estimated total of rent.
  • If you select coverage with a deductible amount the pre-authorization will be the deductible amount + your estimated total amount.
  • If you choose to use an external form of insurance the pre-authorization will be US$3,000.00 + the estimated total of rent.

See our coverage options (Link) to learn more. The pre-authorization will not appear on your credit card statement and will expire automatically after 3-7 business days; no need to ask AmeriRent for a credit.

When do I have to pay for my rental?

Upon return our system will confirm the final payment amount and you'll have the option to pay with the credit card on file, any other credit/debit card (Card holder needs to be present) or cash. The pre-authorization will automatically expire after 3-7 days.

Can I pay my auto rental in advance?

No, the payment must be taken upon return. Only a pre-authorization is require at pick up.

Can I pay my autos rental online?

No, all fees must be paid at the location from which you pick up the vehicle. If you return in a different location you can pay at that location as well.

Are there administrative fees?

No, AmeriRent won't charge you any administrative fee.

Do I need to pay for additional drivers?

Yes, we charge $3.00/day + Tax for each additional driver.

If I don't have my credit card plastic, but I do have the numbers and all information needed, can I still pay with it?

No, for security reasons, the credit card holder needs to present with the credit card plastic in person at the time of car pick-up.

Can my company pay for my rental?

Yes, provided they have an account with us and you are an authorized driver. Or, your personal name must appear on the company's credit card and you must be present at time of rental.

How can I make sure I am getting the best car rental rate?

AmeriRent will match a lower price from our competition plus a 5% discount upon presentation of a written quotation for the same period, location, class of vehicle and model year, and same rate benefits.

Which taxes are applicable to my rental?

The tax that will apply on your rental is the sales tax (ITBIS 18%). If picked up at an airport location an additional 10% may apply.

Is it cheaper to book cars online?

Online rate will always be our lowest one. Depends on the season and availability counter and telephone rates may be different, but never lower than online rates.

Do you accept prepaid credit cards?

Yes, we do.

Can I use someone else's credit card to pay for my rental?

Yes, you may. However, the card holder must be present at the time of pick up with you. The card holder will automatically become the primary driver and you will become the secondary driver even if the card holder is not driving the vehicle. A $3.00/day + tax fee applies.