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How we can help your business!

At AmeriRent, we offer effective solutions for your business. No matter the size of your business or how often you're in need of reservations, we're sure to have a product designed for you.

Take a moment and analyze what it means to buy a vehicle for your operation. Buying a car is the worst investment you can make your business. Why? A vehicle is an asset that devalues ​​steadily producing depreciating costs, increasing the value of their assets by increasing the value of the payment of the annual tax assets, increasing its liabilities limiting their borrowing capacity and exposing all company assets and its officials for liability risk represented by having a vehicle constantly journeying; also is an asset that requires additional costs for preventive maintenance, insurance premium costs, changing tires, tax payment and magazine circulation, expenditures accessories and attachments; after paying all this if, and only if all goes well, the operation will not have any interruption for any mechanical breakdowns, warranty claims, traffic accidents, theft of parts and / or the vehicle.

These needs without diverting staff time or hiring staff to oversee these tasks of maintenance and vehicle care. If you choose to change this by renting the vehicles that you need all these expenses reduce, distraction of funds, civil responsibility and care of the vehicle to a fee that becomes a programmable output current. Besides, you only pay for the time you really need the vehicle.

If your operation is required to have a vehicle steadily, we also have a solution for you, our operating lease plans!

What is Operational Leasing?

The Operational Leasing is in the lease with a term equal to or greater than 12 months of a fleet of vehicles, machinery or equipment. The service includes preventive and corrective maintenance, requested specific equipment, documentation and permits, insurance replacement vehicles and optionally, all aimed at freeing company resources and ensure continuity of operation.


  1. Fleet operational and available all year
  2. Improves financing, the debt does not include financial records
  3. Total flexibility to suit specific necessities your business.
  4. Efficient fleet management.
  5. Plan cash flow of the company, without diverting resources from it

Contact us and we will sit down to evaluate your options and what best suits you. It's time to think proactively and focus on what really makes money.